Zoom installation in Arch

Hey all,

I am trying to sign in on Zoom in Arch.
I have an account already using my google account.
After installing, I tell it to sign in with my google id, then it opens my browser (chromium), and I give it permission to use my account to sign in.
Then it opens an xdg-open dialog, but clicking it fails to open the Zoom application.

I’ve done this in other distros (Kubuntu, e.g.), and it opens right away.

Is there an additional step in Arch?


EDIT: Solved it myself. I opened the ~/.config/zoomus.conf file, and changed



Maybe this will help someone else!


Glad you got it fixed. I’ve had pretty good luck using the flatpak version of Zoom in case you run into a situation where there isn’t a native package.

Thanks for the info on zoom. I will have to try that sometime because I get similar issues after updating. What I’ve found to work is although I use the google sign in, I must manually log in the first time.

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks. this helped me.
Altough i had Zoom installed with flatpak so i had to find the config file in:

I’m glad this helped!

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