Xtra PC - An Interesting Commercial Linux Project

We have talked about marketing many times and this is a very interesting strategy for marketing Linux, although, the YouTube Ad never says, “Linux”. It’s called Xtra PC and if you dig into this article, you’ll find that it is running Linux. Not much on technical detail but I don’t think they are marketing this product to the technically proficient.


Looks like a “sweet deal” too… (that’s sarcasm).

As of today, you can still get an Xtra-PC with 16GB of storage for 30% OFF! For only $34.99, you can:

  • Resurrect your “dead” computer
  • Save money on diagnostics and repairs
  • Keep all your files and favorite programs
  • Get up and running in minutes!

I am not sure how they are claiming you can “keep all your files and favorite programs” but whatever.

I thought this was interesting and it seems like quite the swindle of a deal at $35. I am quite sure that the USB stick doesn’t cost that much and we know the operating system is free. I can’t help but wonder if they contribute to any open source projects financially.


I’ll under cut them and sell you a live install of Mint XFCE on a 16Gb USB3 drive for £9.99 or a full install on for £14.99 any takers :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously I’ve seen this ad pop up many times in the last 12 months and it is aimed at the windows user who doesn’t know any better, Linus Tech Tips has a video review of it here.

Considering that other beginner user friendly Linux OS based on Ubuntu are already on ‘Sale’ then it’s not much different its the marketing that is a little disingenuous IMHO.