Xfce 4.14 released!

Xfce 4.14 has been released yesterday. Congratulations to the team, that does an amazing job with this great DE! :xubuntu::partying_face:



So I’ll have it momentarily then. :wink:

Not holding my breath for it in MX or Debian… Arco and/or EndeavourOS maybe soon’ish

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Arch put it in testing today AFAIK.

I tried 4.12 or 4.13 and felt like i went back in time to the 90s on XFCE just looks so dated but look forward to seeing what the new version brings

I’m not expecting much - why change what works? I’m pobably wrong

Just got the update on Endeavor and so far I think its mainly the GTK3 stuff it doesn’t seem too different on Endeavor so far but I’m still liking it and I’ve never been a fanboy of XFCE, but I liked the Endeavor iteration of the previous version here. I only ever installed XFCE back in the Xubuntu 7.04 days on low resource hardware, but I’m starting to think I may look at it in Mint 20 when that arrives next year as they will be on 4.14 by then I’m assuming.

I’m glad they haven’t gone all Gnome and changed everything. Staying the same but with GTK3 strikes me as a great starting point… stable, functional, familiar but ready for the future


It’s just gone midnight here, I’ll update my Endeavour tomorrow -I went all day without a nap so I’m too tired for anything that requires thinking


The only thing I really noticed was that the old gtk+ theme package was abandoned.
During the update I got a “missing AUR package” message about it. I uninstalled it and nothing was depending on it anymore.


Right, done now, everything looks and seems to work the same on the initial look and try. I missed any error message as I kicked the update off and went and did something else. When I cam back, it had finished so I rebootedand… it’s working.

This is all just fine by me, I liked Xfce the way it was, some people weren’t and will be disappointed - such is life


And of course, to no ones surprise when I update my ArcoLinux that also now has 4.14. That just leave the Manjaro on the HP laptop that still only has an HDD, but my guess that will have 4.14 when upgrade it too… or will Manjaro keep it back for a day or two?

Manjaro already has it, as far as I know.

It does, The Arches have it, Endeavout, Arco and Manjaro (and probably all the one I don’t have installs of) are all 4.14’d

I can’t say I’m too bothered that my MX-18, Debian 10, Debian Bullseye, SparkyLinux, etc don’t as 4.14 seems very much business as usual from a practical point of view.

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Was kind of expected, but that’s also something I like about Xfce. The developers do a great job in improving little bits and pieces, but it still feels the same and doesn’t change drastically.

Since I want to look into Arch a little bit more, I’ll get a first glimpse on it, when I give Endeavour a shot, but my daily driver will stay on Xubuntu 18.04 with 4.12 untill 20.04 comes out… probably :grin:

Yes, EndeavourOS is good or ArcoLinux. I’ve had Arco around longer so I still feel more comfortable with it but EndeavourOS leaves you with a leaner system to which you add can just what you want to use.

I liked the Xbuntu best of the *Buntus and the Xfce was a pretty good (i.e. easy to tweak to my preferred layout). Of the *Buntus It pick that one.

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Xubuntu 19.10 daily has 4.14


I think Xubuntu has been adding 4.13/4.14 features for a while haven’t they? Well done Xubuntu devs

This really is rocking

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At first I wanted to try Arco (but got confused about the different versions), but at the moment I’m more curious about Endeavour. Apparently it’s very close to Vanilla-Arch, which is exactly what I want. And, from what I’ve seen so far, their OOTB-Xfce looks beautiful.

Yes, 19.04 already has 4.13, so my guess is that 19.10 will ship with 4.14.

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