Wordpress headaches


First of all, I hope everybody is doing fine at the moment.

I’m sorry to ask this question over here since it has got nothing to do with Linux, but since there are a few members over here with an own website, I’m asking it anyway.

Did some of you notice that some layouts in Wordpress, like a summary list, shown in the version you’re typing, but in the preview or actual blogpost the dots or numbers in front of the list items aren’t shown?

I’ve been searching for a solution but I can’t find it. To be clear I’m talking about:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • etc.

It shows as:
item 1
item 2

In this example, you can see the logic but when it concerns whole sentences it reads like an unlogical paragraph.

Does anyone has some tips to improve it? (Wordpress and Discourse are more stress causing than Arch Linux, really… :cold_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thanks in advance.

I sent a DM on Telegram but thought I’d follow up here. My guess is it’s something with the CSS. If the HTML is a list but the bullets aren’t being shown then they are being altered in some way in the CSS.

It was CSS. The default style.css was setting margin to 0 for ol and ul for some odd reason.


You can always count on CSS to be wrong.


So I discovered, thanks to @EricAdams :smiley: Thanks for your reaction, by the way.