Win7 end of support

I was working on my old Win7 box today and got a popup reminding me to switch to Linux. :innocent:


That doesn’t look like an Arch logo…?

ROTF LMAO thats funny!

At my son’s high school they were getting rid of a bunch of Win7 desktops Optiplex 390’s and 380’s, and replacing them all with Win10 ThinkCenters, neat little machines. My son and I got a few of them that we quickly wiped Win7 and I installed Fedora 30 and my son installed MX Linux on his. Then his principal mentioned that they wanted to keep 2 of them for students to have access to Google Docs and for printing assignments in another building. Today, we set up those 2 old desktops with MX Linux, so there are at least 4 Win7 computers that have been switched to Linux in the last week. :slight_smile:


if anyone wants a good deal Newegg is selling refurbished OptiPlex 7010 DT for $109. I personally bought myself, it isn’t a bad PC for the money.