Why Distro Hopping can become tiresome

Gparted config - subject to change on a whim :stuck_out_tongue:

Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB
/dev/nvme0n1P1 EFI 512 mib
/dev/nvme0n1P2 Peppermint 10 900 Gb
Empty 31.01 Gb

/dev/sda1 EFI 512 mib
/dev/sda2 Linux Swap 8 Gb
/dev/sda1 ntfs hidden,diag 499 mib
/dev/sda1 fat32 boot, esp 100 mib
/dev/sda1 unknown msftres 16 mib
/dev/sda1 Windows 10 900 Gb
Empty 22.41 Gb

ATA Samsung SSD 860 1Tb
/dev/sdb1 EFI 500 mib
/dev/sdb2 openSUSE Tumbleweed Plasma 200 Gb
/dev/sdb3 Arco LinuxB Plasma 200 Gb
/dev/sdb4 MX19 200 Gb
/dev/sdb5 Spare 100 Gb
/dev/sdb6 Spare 100 Gb
/dev/sdb7 Spare 100 Gb
Empty 31.02 Gb

ATA Samsung SSD 860 1Tb
/dev/sdg1 EFI 300 mib
/dev/sdg2 SalientOS Plasma 200 Gb
/dev/sdg3 Elementary 100 Gb
/dev/sdg4 Zorin OS 15.1 100 Gb
/dev/sdg5 Studio 100 Gb
/dev/sdg6 Cinnamon Remix 100 Gb
/dev/sdg7 ArchDeepin 100 Gb
/dev/sdg8 Spare 100 Gb
/dev/sdg9 Spare 100 Gb
Empty 31.22 Gb
ATA SanDisk Ultra II 960Gb
/dev/sdi1 Data 500 Gb
/dev/sdi2 EFI 512 mib
/dev/sdi3 Mint 100 Gb
/dev/sdi4 Budgie 100 Gb
/dev/sdi5 Pep 10 Respin 100 Gb
Empty 93.75 Gb

ATA Samsung SSD 850 256Gb
/dev/sdj grub msftdata 2.00 mib
/dev/sdj EFI 128 mib
/dev/sdj Gentoo xfce 200 Gb
Empty 32.76 Gb

Keeping tabs on this lot can be very tiresome

Regards Zeb…

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I’m sure you enjoy the nerd cred anyway :wink:

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That’s a bananas storage setup. If this were my rig, my weekend would be spent just booting, updating, rebooting into a new partition and repeat :smile:

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Not quite once a week but a lot of time is needed to ensure they are kept up to date. I do rinse and wash away sometimes but Peppermint / MX19 / openSUSE / ArcoLinux always stay put… The rest is up for grabs and testing…

That is insane! What does your grub screen look like? I’d have trouble deciding what to boot into each day.

Just installed Linux Mint. It takes 4 screens to display them all

I prefer plain grub screens, plain simple txt. You can get more on them :crazy_face:

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