What Office Applications do you Run

What office application(s) do you use on your system? I have been playing around with FreeOffice, largely due to @dark1ltg. I think it is pretty a-okay. Though, I find I will be sticking with LibreOffice as my primary office application and Microsoft Office as my secondary. This will likely be my tertiary choice and I am keeping that on my system. If you care to read about my experience with it…

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1a) Vim of course, :slight_smile:

  1. 80% LibreOffice
  2. 15% OnlyOffice (integrated with NextCloud for work)
  3. 4% Microsoft Office (really just Excel and only for specific tasks, e.g. Pivot Tables)
  4. 1% other. E.g., AbiWord has some useful file conversion features.
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Normally Libre Office and or MS Office, when need arises. I have no real preference as long as the work gets done and like @John.Andersen - pivot tables all day long.

Regards Zeb…


I don’t have to collaborate with people using MS Office at the moment so I’m free to use whatever works. I’ll make the occasional spreadsheet and LibreOffice Calc is fine for that. I also don’t tend to use a word processor for writing anymore and use markdown instead. I’m enjoying Mark Text for that although there are plenty of options.

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I tend to use Gsuite a lot for work but I find it real limiting. Interesting @EricAdams that you don’t tend to use a word processor for writing. I don’t use it for “writing” but I use it for creating product for home educating my kids. I tend to use text files for actual writing. I feel like, for the most part, a word processor is only good if you have the intent of publishing it to paper or PDF.


I completely agree with this. I almost never print anything anymore which is why markdown is the better choice.

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I usually use libreoffice if someone gives me a docx, ppt, or xlsx file. The conversion isn’t perfect, but its good enough.

I write my documents in markdown. Once I’m done, I use the pandoc program to convert it to a pdf, libreoffice document, or as slides suitable for a presentation. It’s as easy as typing:

pandoc your_doc.md -o your_doc.pdf           # For a normal document
pandoc your_doc.md -t beamer -o your_doc.pdf # pdf of slides

The beauty is, you can use whatever interface you want to write the document, from echo to VScode, and your document is searchable since it’s in plain text.

If I have to create spreadsheets, I typically use vim, or awk if I have to use calculations. My eyesight is terrible, so I try to stick to the terminal when I can, where I have control of the colors, font, and what gets displayed

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Pandoc is awesome, and since I discovered it I have stopped writing in word processors at all, although I am sometimes forced to use it view documents that others send me (PDF was invented to avoid this exact problem…) Being able to write documents in Neovim is wonderful :grin:. I’ve been considering learning LaTeX, as it would give me more control over the formatting of my documents, but that is a much bigger investment. I don’t have to do much spreadsheet work, to be honest, but I’ve heard that some people use R for such tasks, to great success.

I learned latex before I learned pandoc and for my use case, it was definitely worth it. For complex documents, pandoc does 80% of the work for you, and you only have to spend time 20% of the time editing latex. Latex also lets you write formal letters, resumes, and you can even draw figures.

After speaking to you, I think I finally found some motivation to redo my resume in Latex since it used to be in MS word. I had issues with my formatting when I emailed my docx to HR when I interviewed for my current job. They probably had a different version than I had.