What Linux distros are safe?

A caller in to The Tech Guy last night had asked Leo Laporte about Linux and which distro is safe.

You can guess which distro the conversation opened with that security is on everyone’s mind.

Leo is a heavy Linux user himself, and has nothing bad to say about the OS.

See how the conversation panned out in this video:

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I can’t help but wonder what he would think about openSUSE. Maybe I should call? I don’t care for Arch and Debian is quickly stale. Interesting his choice of Manjaro but that is now a company so I wonder why that company is different than Ubuntu. I don’t know if I agree with his statement on Huawei as there has been some security issues that have been identified and unsolved but that is old news. I certainly have issue with using their infrastructural parts more than consumer goods. Though, looking at their products, their Surface Pro look-alike is pretty great… Hmm… If only their stuff could be adequately audited.

I feel the same way about company owned distros as Mr. Laporte and I also run Manjaro. When they became a company I seriously considered switching back to Arch but I really don’t want to start over. I could have it up and running with a DE in a couple of hours but then it would take a year of tweaking to get everything the way I like it. I decided to just stick with Manjaro as long as they keep the community a priority. When I first heard about the treasurer kerfuffle I thought that might be a sign that it was time to move on but it turned out to be a lot smaller of an issue than what some people seemed to want it to be. The Linux community is great but we sure like to gossip.

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