What CLI based applications do you enjoy

I thought this would make an interesting discussion on here (and perhaps even on the show)

What CLI apps do you like/use regularly?

Here’s mine

CMUS for listening to music
Weechat for IRC
Newsboat for RSS
Pulsemixer for managing audio devices and volume
Neomutt for email
Khal/vdirsyncer for calendar
Maim for screenshots
Rtorrent for torrent downloads


Kind of basic but htop 100 times a day. Ranger also comes to mind. Package managers, editing files and so on. I tend to do a lot in the terminal.


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htop ssh tmux vim cmus newsboat ansible

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This, all day, every day. And of course sftp/scp.

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I use youtube-dl to download BDLL so I can watch offline if I don’t catch the show live.
For a quick weather forcast I use curl wttr.in.
I also use ssh to keep my fleet of SBCs updated.
I use one or more of ccextractor, ffmpeg, comskip, dd and cat on my DVR recordings daily depending on what I’m doing with them.


Ken, that curl command is awesome!


youtube-viewer: search and watch youtube vids from the commandline
fzf: lets you work on the commandline without remembering exactly how something (ie: a directory) is spelled
pywal: changes your terminal colorscheme based on your wallpaper (or any image)
mpd + ncmcpcc: music player
pandoc: Universal document converter.
LaTex: Write documents and presentations from the command line
Emacs:Org Mode: Really nice notetaking app
octave: for math that’s too annoying to put into a calculator
w3m: terminal web browser that can display images and execute external commands
feh: Image viewer
awk: among other things, it lets me export data to a format Excel understands (csv)

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I’m kidding!!

ncmpcpp as an mpd client
vim for text editing
tmux for having multiple terminals for the price of one, also a great companion to ssh
irssi for IRC
rtorrent as a distro-iso-getter
nnn for file browsing

Also, htop.


I like this guy.