What are you playing?

Lets have a big thread to share what games they are currently playing and what they think of it. I’ll start

I have been playing Octopath Traveller and am enjoying it immensely. Its a pixel art jrpg (sorry Zeb) by Square Enix and has been described as a love letter to classic jrpgs. It is not linux native but it runs so well using Proton that it may as well be.

I have also been playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar and it is in a similar vein as Octopath as a story driven rpg with the classic turn based combat system.

That’s it from me for now. Have at it :slight_smile:

The last week:

Ciel Fledge (free alpha/demo version).
A game about raising a kid. It’s a mix of RPG, puzzle and management(?)… hard to describe it really.
I will def pick it up on release as I really liked it. Mostly because of wanting to finish the story.

Also trying to “finish” Astroneer this week. Played it before but didn’t visit the planet cores etc.
It’s a relaxing game where you build and explore at your own pace. Works great in Proton.

I’m playing Minecraft. The one-of-a-kind OG blockgame that lets you take charge of your world! Build a park! Destroy the park! Assault some village children, the block’s in your court! Just don’t look at that creepy Enderman dude. He’s got some issues.

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I’m cheating and streaming games from my Windows PC. This laptop could probably run things alright but no way it could manage the heat for long. This week I’m playing Star Wars Battlefront II because it’s free on Origin and I didn’t play the campaign when it came out. It’s actually pretty decent. Makes me want to go back and play KOTOR.


Does it have a cow level?

It’s no Diablo but I’ve got this too:

Overwatch (through Lutris).

And now that @Schyken has mentioned Minecraft I might need to set it up again.

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Need I say more



Schyken playing Minecraft and Zeb playing ETS2, no shocks there :stuck_out_tongue:


How is Astroneer? I had interest in that for a while

I like it. It’s no “No Mans Sky” or anything like that. It is much simpler and “easier”. More content are on the way though, but not sure what they’ll add. Buildings etc are just modules printed by printers so you don’t build with blocks or anything. You use most of your time exploring and collecting resources to print stuff and for research. You will have to leave for other planets after a while to get the more exotic stuff.

You are pretty limited as to what you can carry and take with you on your space ship so there is some planning to do now and then but the game isn’t punishing as you can always build new stuff as long as you collect the resources. When you die you respawn at the base. Just remember where you died so you can get your stuff back. There’s no map and/or hand holding so that’s the biggest challenge, like when you drive half way around the planet and die.

End game might be a bit weak but it’s more about the journey (Rocco would agree).

This guy makes some nice videos explaining and showing off the game:

Playing Dex

I’m playing ARK Survival Evolved the Map Valguero in our Server.

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Wait! There are other games out there besides Rocket League?

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Just a few :smiley:

There are only a few thousand more or so lol.

Currently playing a cute game called Jumpai thanks to @linuxpaulm’s awesome suggestion in the Telegram group!

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Whenever I have a few minutes of down time in which I just want to relax I play

Easy and relaxing, but with exceptional graphics.

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Makes me think of Abzu. It’s very pretty and mostly relaxing.

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