Weather Forecast in the Terminal with WTTR

Weather Forecast in the Terminal with This is a supremely fantastic weather service by @igor_chubin that is available for anyone to use. You don’t even need a terminal to access it!

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Entering in the terminal doesn’t work for me but curl does.

Edit: upon further reading on your blog I see you explained that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@CubicleNate, I have used this before, but decided to actually set up a bash alias for it. Letting it decide on its own where I lived, caused it to be off by about 25 miles. However, when I tried to use my ZIP it thought I lived in Germany. You and I know that I’m not in Germany. I had to try a couple of attempts before I found a spelling of my city name that identified my actual home town.

Now I just type weather and a beautiful weather report comes up for the next three days. I love it. Thanks for reminding me about this wonderful terminal trick with that site and curl.

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I’m glad you found the line of fun!

This is great! Now write an article on your blog to show how you used it and please share!