VPN Suggestions

We have talked about using VPN as a layer of security before on BDLL. @EricAdams has essentially, in his Eric Adams’ way suggested that when I am out and about I should really be using one. I am just starting to play in the VPN world as a layer of protection. I am happily using Winscribe on openSUSE. Since the good folks at Windscribe.com forgot to include the openSUSE directions I have written them up here:

Windscribe offers a free account that gives you a limit of 10 GiB per month. From what I can tell, they are doing doing what they say they are doing. They don’t keep logs but that hasn’t been challenged yet. They have an OpenVPN key that does require you to use the paid service. I don’t need a VPN often as I am not away from work or home all that much but the time that I am using untrusted networks, this will be handy to have.

I would be interested in any other thoughts, ideas and experiences with VPNs.

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There are some important things to take note when you use a vpn client. When you first use a VPN client, you need to check for DNS leaks. Use this site to check if you hae a DNS leak:
If you see your ISP’s service show up, it means you have a DNS leak. If you use openvpn, there’s a good chance you have a DNS leak since it wasn’t made
for privacy. I usually have to install a package called update-resolvconf to prevent DNS leaks with openvpn. I also see a package called systemd-resolvconf which might do the same thing, but I never used it so I can’t speak about it.

Nate, since you’re using a client provided by a VPN provider, they should do all of this for you and you shouldn’t have to worry, but it is always a good idea to check for DNS leaks.

Another thing that could cause a DNS leak is WebRTC. I’m not entirely sure what that is per se, but I disabled it in my web browser. and I have had no issues. If you use Ublock Origin, there is a setting to disable it in the settings menu. Otherwise, do a web search for disable WebRTC in browser.

I hope this helps.

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I used to recommend PIA for a VPN because of their track record but with the recent sale of the parent company and I can no longer do that so I am in a holding pattern for VPN’s right now.

I have been using PIA for 2+ yrs and have not had connection/speed issues. After yr 3 when it is up for renewal I am going to try proton vpn as I also use protonmail (perhaps I will get a discount). My use case is strictly when connecting to public wifi AP’s