Universal Packaging Experience, Thoughts on Snaps, Flatpak and AppImage

Thanks to @EricAdams video on YouTube about AppImageLauncher, I was inspired to do a post on it too. In short, you can turn AppImages into a First Class Citizen on the Linux Desktop. Eric did a great video here.

The reason this AppImageLauncher excites me so much is that I use several AppImages on my computer and they are kind of clunky to deal with. Sometimes Plasma will remember them and you can launch them again, but sometimes not. Now, with AppImageLauncher, you can manage your AppImages quite nicely and even immediately organize them from a download through Firefox. It’s simply fantastic and super slick. I wish I would have known about this LONG ago. I was so excited, I had to excitedly write about it.

Strike while the iron’s hot, as they’d say.


Seems like that guy might have been using openSUSE in his video. Interesting choice, wouldn’t you say? :wink:

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Well, he IS a smart guy, so…