Unboxing of System76 Thelio

On 9th April 2019 I unboxed my System76 Thelio desktop that was delivered the same day, and recorded the event.
The full spec is mentioned in the YouTube description.
The Thelio did arrive running Pop_OS! but that only lasted a few days before I replaced the distro with Solus Budgie that I have been running ever since.
System76 Thelio Unboxing on YouTube


@MintSpider are there any disadvantages running Solus Budgie instead of Pop_OS! on the Thelio. Since it came running a Linux kernel that it should run just about any Linux distro without issue. However, I kind of thought that System76 designed Pop_OS! so that it could also handle firmware upgrades and do you miss out on specialized hardware drivers that System76 have designed for the Thelio. Of course, maybe the Thelio is not as specialized as I think it is. Perhaps it is pretty standard parts in a nicely designed case.

Steve, not yet.
Have not tried updating the firmware while running Solus, but it does run great and suits my workflow.

Thelio is made from pretty standard parts as far as I’m aware. If you need fwupd it’s available as a Flatpak.