Unable to join the zoom meeting

Hi there.
I was attempting to join tonights live Europe zoom meeting, and got an error saying I was removed.
is there a trick on being accepted in the live zoom room?

I do not have a registered zoom account, if that matters.
Can anyone help me explain what the problem is? :slight_smile:

I am «Solbu» across the internet. (It is my actuall surname)
I am a packager for the Mageia distro, and help run the IRC chatroom for «Category 5 TV»

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Sorry about that.

We had some issues with Zoom bombers and have become a bit more weary of adding usernames we are not familiar with.

We now know your nick :grinning: so there shouldn’t be an issue going forward with you joining.

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Ahh. Yea, I remember reading about other rooms having this problem.
Thank you. :slight_smile: :+1: