UbuntuDDE Remix Debugging

Hello everyone,

As UbuntuDDE Remix will be the next distro talk/optional challenge of next week (if you have/have not heard), of course, it is a little unstable, which it is a first release and trust me, Arun is working hard, but most of these options can be manually solvable or you’re doing something wrong.

So, I will go over some common issues seen in the remix along with posting some important links if you need to get more assistance.

  1. Calamares will exit with this ‘shim-signed’ error. What does it mean?

Disable Secure Boot. It even says on the website to do so at ubuntudde.com/download

  1. When I have a window, then open another window on top of it, there is a weird black box surrounding it. How do I fix it?

Basically, reinstall the window manager, or replace Plasma with DDE’s Window Manager.
sudo apt purge dde-kwin && sudo apt install deepin-wm

  1. I try installing, but it just says that my EFI partition doesn’t look like a EFI partition.

You might get a similar issue saying that the partition doesn’t have ESP flag set. It doesn’t exist-but this partition is SPECIFIC and must be taken importantly.
Follow the following steps:

  1. Create a partition for EFI. Mount it at /boot/efi, about 512 MB to 2 GB max of size.

  2. Set the format to FAT32.

  3. Edit the partition and enable the flags ‘boot’ and ‘bios-grub’
    That should solve that.

  4. For some reason, I can’t boot. It says LightDM Won’t start. What do I do?

Doesn’t happen often. Basically, boot into recovery mode, or Fn + F3 or F4, or find a way to enter the terminal. Log in, and execute the following.

sudo apt purge xorg lightdm
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install xorg lightdm

This should freshly reinstall LightDM for you.

If it doesn’t work, do the same thing but purge/reinstall dde-session-ui instead

  1. I keep getting this “An error has occured” or what not. It won’t go away!

There should be a box that says to not mention the problem again and don’t send it-it’s not an official Ubuntu package so sending it won’t work.

  1. Can I dual boot?
    Yes. Same way with every distro.

  2. Is this distro stable?
    Well, after reading the above and everything-I’ll keep it short. For an end user, yes, it is stable. There just might be some problems according to your hardware or such, and some other small bugs might happen, but if you can, wait until August when 20.04.1 will come out and will hopefully patch these bugs :slight_smile:

  3. Anything Else?
    Yeah. Not much to say but everything you need can be found at the website.

Site: ubuntudde.com
Donate: ubuntudde.com/donate/
Download: ubuntudde.com/download/

Installation Guide: (should cover everything) https://ubuntudde.com/blog/how-to-install-ubuntudde-onto-your-machine/

Telegram Group for announcements: t.me/ubuntudde
Telegram Group for discussions; t.me/ubuntudde_group

I just know next week might be crazy… because people go crazy, and ask the same things and it’s just stressful to answer the same stuff over and over again. To save time, review everything and ask away so we can keep next week Clean, and not whining about simple bug fixes like this, which are probably patched already, but just didn’t make it in time for 20.04.



Thanks for the info Joshua