Ubuntu Studio 19.10 - December 21 2019

Thanks to @Schyken

This week’s distro challenge is Ubuntu Studio 19.10! Ubuntu Studio claims to be a “free and open operating system for creative people”, and focuses on providing a mass of content creation utilities. One of the most notable just might be the JACK audio system! Give Ubuntu Studio a try and let us know how you got along here in the chat and perhaps consider joining us next week, live on stream! As a BTW, you are highly encouraged to use the torrent option to ease the load on the ISO servers and speed things up for your fellow users!

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Please note that it is not recommended that Ubuntu Studio be run in a VM, and while you may have some success with this, there is a high likelyhood that certain subsystems, features, or applications may misbehave.
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Ubuntu Studio 19.10 Homepage

Ubuntu Studio 19.10 Torrent Download

Ubuntu Studio 19.10 Direct Download

Ubuntu Studio 19.10 Release Notes

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There are a number of ways to get involved with the Ubuntu Studio project! Find out more with the links below!

Ubuntu Studio Contribute Page

Ubuntu Studio Community Page

Ubuntu Studio Support Page

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