Ubuntu MATE 19.10 - November 9 - European and US Editions

The challenge this week is Ubuntu MATE 19.10.

Release announcement on the Ubuntu MATE blog - https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-19-10-eoan-ermine-release/

Download Ubuntu MATE - https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/

How to get in touch with the Ubuntu MATE team and community - https://ubuntu-mate.org/community/

As always, please leave your thoughts here in this thread. See you next week!


I think it might be interesting for people to upload screenshots how changes and stuff that you do to make the DE work for you. Thoughts?


I posted a few screenshots for the Debian 10 release but not any since then. Here is the Pantheon desktop layout found in the Welcome panel with a bit of a dark theme and a few other tweaks.

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Ubuntu Mate in Redmond Tweak. Just the way I like it!


UPDATE: 11/7/19: Got OBS working. Switched to the candidate version of the snap:
sudo snap refresh obs-studio --candidate
This worked like a charm!

Ok, so installed Mate 19.10 on my spare SSD on my laptop. Runs pretty smooth. Installed Telegram from them Software Boutique and that works good. One issue I have so far is that I installed obs-studio snap to get my OBS up and running and it won’t record under Hardware Encoding (envce). This is weird because I have the same snap installed on my other drive, same machine, running PopOS 19.04 and it works fine. Has to be a 19.10 issue possibly with the snap or ffmpeg version. Haven’t had a chance to run it down yet. Just giving an update.

Wow, that looks really great Dan. Thanks for sharing!

Here is another screenshot but this time I went with the default desktop layout, “Familiar”, and customized it like I like it, with one panel in a (mostly) traditional setup.

That looks really awesome. Yet another Ubuntu Mate desktop panel Tweak!

Sweet. Love the screen shots.