Ubuntu Daily Build Question

After watching last week’s show and some of Allan Pope’s streams, I’ve been inspired to run some of the Ubuntu daily builds to provide feedback to the devs. Does anyone know if there is an upgrade path from the daily builds to the stable 20.04 when it comes out? I don’t want to put some of my personal stuff on there if I have to wipe the machine later.

Thanks in advance!

Update: I’m in the process of reporting some bugs to launchpad but I don’t see any “open new bug” link. The “Report Bug” link just goes to the wiki. Does anyone no how to manually report a bug on launchpad? The bugs I encounter occur during the boot process and I don’t think the automatic bug reporting feature works

  1. Yes, there is an upgrade path. Apt will upgrade the system.
    Note that ZFS is still listed as Experimental and it may not allow an upgrade path.

  2. Are your bugs during the installation or post-installation?

Use Alt+F2 and ubuntu-bug <packagename>
For installation you would run it against ubuntu-bug ubiquity
For post instllation booting you would run it against ubuntu-bug grub2

If you still wish to manually file a bug you can do that here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect please note that this is discouraged as necessary information may not be available when filing a bug in this manner.

This is an excellent write-up on how to perform bug reporting: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs

Feel free to hit me up on Telegram if you want some more help.

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Alan Pope created a video for creating a bug report.

You might check out his YouTube channel for some of his other Focal Fossa vids.

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Thanks for the reply! The issues were after the first reboot. I could not get to the gdm login screen. I found a workaround and got into the graphical environment where I can use ubuntu-bug and the info from Allan Pope’s bug reporting video.

I’m finding bugs but some are hard to reproduce. The bugs I found are:

  1. No LUKS prompt, unless you press escape where you get a text based prompt
  2. Auto-login is bugged, you get stuck at a purple screen. You can switch to a tty and back and you get a normal login screen
  3. The first update via the graphical updater gets hung at upgrading/configuring snapd. Upon reboot, this goes away and I cannot reproduce it
  4. The admin prompt for the sudo password gets cut off at times and I cannot reproduce it
  5. Setting up live patch fails

I’ll report the reproducible bugs within the next few days when I get some spare time. I"m not sure what to do about the bugs I cannot reproduce

Thanks for taking the time to do some testing and bug reporting.

If you do some searches you may find a couple of those to be reported.

Auto-login is a long standing issue.
Live patch isn’t available for per-releases so that’s not a bug.