Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 - November 30

Thanks again @Schyken for the write-up.

It’s been a fantastic week as always, and we’re back with another BDLL! This week’s stream includes our takes on Lubuntu 19.10, and a big thanks to @kc2bez for joining us and taking the heat for @tsimonq2 :wink: — You can watch the stream archive on YouTube here! https://youtu.be/OVMO9LChIyo

There will soon be an audio version of the stream here:

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This week’s distro challenge is Ubuntu Budgie 19.10! Featuring the Budgie Desktop, well-known from its origin in Solus, Ubuntu Budgie offers a sleek and modern implementation of the Budgie desktop with a nice selection of plugins available to enhance the experience! Give it a try and let us know here, or join us live next week for BDLL!

Ubuntu Budgie Homepage

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 Torrent Download

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 Direct Download

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 Release Notes

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There are a number of ways you can help the Ubuntu Budgie folks and jump into the community!

Ubuntu Budgie Forum (Discourse)

Ubuntu Budgie Twitter

Donate To Ubuntu Budgie

Other Ubuntu Budgie Links

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My Ubuntu Budgie Desktop 19.10


Workspace Switching
I noticed that the implementation of workplaces is buggy. By default, UB Budgie has workspaces horizontally to the left and right (vs up and down in Gnome from whence it is based).
As a result the gnome settings for keyboard shortcuts only allows for changing the shortcut for going up and down workspaces as seen here:

By default to go to workspace left or right is Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right (as it is in most other DEs).

However if you prefer to change it to something else, you’ll need to install dconf-editor from the repos and locate the keybindings section in “/org/gnome/desktop/keybindings” as shown here:

Also if you want a graphical representation of your workspaces, there is an workplace switcher applet you can add to your panel from the Budgie Settings app in the Main Menu.