Ubuntu 19.10 "Eoan Ermine" - November 2

We take a break from the usual two week challenge this time to focus each of the coming weeks on a single Ubuntu flavor. This week is Ubuntu itself which uses Ubuntu’s take on the GNOME 3 desktop. Let’s call it “Unity-esque”, extending the standard GNOME desktop with a dock, desktop icons and a system tray among other things.


  • Kernel 5.3
  • GNOME 3.34
  • Proprietary drivers included as part of the install, of particular interest the Nvidia 435 driver with native PRIME support (yay!)
  • Updated Yaru theme including light and variant variants
  • Experimental ZFS support

You can download a copy from http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.10/

As always, please add your experiences and thoughts here so we can all benefit. Thanks!

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So I did have an issue that @franksmcb helped me work through which was that on first install, I chose to automatically login. Once I rebooted, the screen kept continually going to the lock screen. I would put my password in to unlock and it would throw me directly back into the lock screen again.

Bill walked me through editing the config to remove auto login and everything was fixed.

Other than that I thought it was a really good experience

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I had been running Ubuntu 19.04 for about a month and took the plunge with upgrading to 19.10. It all went well although several repositories were disabled and some apps removed so not a 100% clean process. I also had to manually update to the Nvidia 435 driver. I had some crashes and performance issues that were disconcerting although I was enjoying using GNOME so I decided today to wipe that install and start fresh. So far all is well on a clean install. If I run into anything I’ll go watch @popey video on Better Bug Battling in Ubuntu 19.10.

Everything worked flawlessly here - it’s a great distro.

But… it’s gnome - I just can’t force myself to use it for any length of time

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Although incredibly late, here is my final review of Ubuntu after several weeks of using it. This is my Ubuntu Proper review with GNOME.

The Yaru-dark theme is tip top and it is unfortunate that GNOME adds barriers to doing simple tweaks and improvements to your desktop. Overall, I think Ubuntu is a great experience and if you can unlock the “GNOME Tweaks” achievement, it is a very usable desktop. It’s not Plasma or Xfce but it is decent and very likely the best GNOME experience. Admittedly, I need to try Pop!_OS again to compare.

Would I switch to Ubuntu from my openSUSE preference? Not a chance but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a whirl for yourself.


What flavor do you use on openSUSE?

I use openSUSE Tumbleweed with the Plasma desktop. It suits me. Discover is hit and miss but the rest of it is great.

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I just noted your “Review from an openSUSE user” in my RSS feeds :slight_smile: JOY ! :slight_smile:

I do love reading your reviews, so thank you.

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I review 19.10 Gnome3 on this months Distrohoppers Digest.

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