Trying out New Distros

Trying new distros is great, but I categorize it and bring it down to this:

First, we need to check its pretty much, well, valid. I go on distrowatch and press the Random Distrubution button. The distro must have a picture though.

The picture, is what I look at. If it is using a desktop manager that it seems like it made, or really improved on like Ubuntu, I will do it. For some like PrimTux, it uses i3 with themes, which is the next reason.

The themes makes it pretty. We don’t want to test a distro that will look ugly (In my case, except for ones that have special reasons like Runtu) So, PrimTux wins that award, and I will test it.

And most of the time, I enjoy the operating system. The only reason I wouldn’t use this system that looks like another is because its new or known/famous.

Try it out for yourself and tell me what you guys like.

I have tried Deepin but it wasn’t for bad they never got a English translator to catch all the bad spelling.