Trying Cleanjaro tonight

Trying an unofficial spin of Manjaro (Xfce) tonight: Cleanjaro

Removal of “Canonical stuff” from the kernel, Snap and Flatpak support is opt in instead of opt out, and a few other changes.

Any thoughts? Is it much different from Manjaro?

The BIG change that you notice out of the box is that it does it’s kernels like Arch, but double.

It automatically installs and updates the latest kernel and the latest LTS kernel as well as upgrade them when new kernels get released. So right now it is running 5.3.x and 5.4.x.

Other than that… under the hood, as I said, it has moved the kernel closer to Arch. It has it’s own repo for kernels, grub updates and themes etc. But most are pure Manjaro repo, whichever branch you use.
So in my case I am running Cleanjaro with Manjaro Testing repos.

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