Topics for discussion on BDLL

@BigDaddyLinux usually has a few ideas prepared for the stream but I thought maybe it would be a good idea to see if people would be interested in suggesting topics here beforehand so maybe we could have a little time to research and share our thoughts. What do you think?

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Good idea. Will we have one large overall thread or should we break it up into Upcoming weeks? More work for us but it might be easier to follow IDK.

Let’s just start with this thread and see where it goes. Some topics are timely and will get stale quickly but others will be more general and merit discussion whenever the opportunity arises. There’s no guarantee that what gets suggested here is ultimately discussed but since Rocco opens it up for suggesting topics during the show anyway I figure this should work. Just throwing the idea out there more or less.

Topic for discussion at any time

What next for Mozilla as CEO Resigns

what should I be looking for on MX 19 beta as far os using newest kernel?I game every day and watch lots of youtube.