Top 5 Games 2019 (So Far)

Ok interested too see what everyone is playing/played so far in 2019 these games you have played on Linux either native or via proton and they don’t need to be new in 2019 just bought or played for the first this this year.

My list is below:

  1. Shadow Warrior 2 (Proton)
  2. Mutant Year Zero, Road To Eden (Proton)
  3. Two Point Hospital
  4. Slay The Spire
  5. Atom RPG
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If you’re into JRPGs, I HIGHLY recommend Octopath Traveller in proton. It works flawlessly for me on Pop!OS and it really tickles the nerve in my body that’s nostalgic for Final Fantasy IX. Best new game I’ve tried this year.

Here are some game recommendations from a video I just did about this very topic.

It’s not a new for 2019 game but I have to give credit to the No Man’s Sky devs for continuing to push out major updates for the game. You could argue that it should have been the game it is now at launch but I find it pretty impressive that a small studio has stepped up and done something at this scale an level of quality.

Awesome Thanks :):grinning:

I Actually just re-installed this yesterday. I couldn’t agree more @EricAdams It’s one (fairly rare) case of a game that had a TERRIBLE launch but a really awesome story. I give the devs a huge amount of credit with sticking with it and rolling out these massive patches + last time I played this (6 months ago) it ran excellent via proton.

Oxygen Not Included just left early access so that qualifies as released in 2019. Its a great game if you like survival/base building games.

Its already been mentioned but Octopath Traveller is a great old school jrpg that I have played, but not finished yet (its a big game). Not native but it may as well be as it works great on Proton.

I haven’t played it but Dicey Dungeons has just released and it is getting a lot of love in the linux gaming community.

Thats all I have for now

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I used to watch a YouTube gamer stream and play ONI about a year ago… alway fun when you could sarcastically comment as they played

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Rocket League is all you need!

These games I have been playing, although they don’t work in proton the last time I checked :frowning:

Battalion 1944
Mirrors Edge: Catalyst
Middle Earth: Shadow of War (maybe)

For me Right Now on Fedora

  1. WOW Battle of Azeroth
  2. Shadow of the TombRaider
  3. Civilization VI
  4. Rocket League

Two more games (both currently in early access)

Littlewood: a lovely relaxing and wholesome town builder

Last Epoch: A Diabloesque arpg

Free on steam