Thoughts on proposing distros

I’ve been thinking about this for the past month or so and wanted to see what people think of it. It seems like often there is a mix of distros proposed that have either been done already (at least recently) or just whatever random thing someone happens to think of. It’s not a constant because sometimes there are obvious choices like when a new release comes out.

I would love it if the people proposing a particular distro could provide a little background on why they want to try it. For example, there is a new release or distro x. It would be nice if someone could provide a bit of a setup like what’s new in the release? What should we be looking for? Why is it interesting? Is it worth using?

Maybe I’m just being a pain but it seems to me that if you think something is worth nominating that you’d have a reason for doing so. Maybe not. Just throwing this out there.

I will agree that the process that we use to get to the next distro choice is sometimes awkward at best. I don’t know If I want to set out an xyz plan for what we should pick but I love the idea of people having a reason we should try said distro out.

Open to suggestions

So would it make sense to have some discussion here as to distros for next week and to have a some type of nomination process here and then we pick maybe the top 3 (how we do that i’m unclear on) and offer them on the show and choose the one that gets the most votes during the show?

Everyone posts here of Distro and why and Rocco picks the best candidate, easy.

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We can do a poll here in discourse if we think that will be best.
Something like this:

  • Lubuntu
  • or Lubuntu
  • Lubuntu also

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We could also do a submission (nomination) thing and then randomly select (spin the wheel). I actually like this option. It takes some of the perceived bias out of the equation.


such a troll!!! great idea!

Click the “Random Distro” button on distrowatch, skipping BSD and other weird stuff ppl might not want ofc :upside_down_face:

I think we should work out the distros of interest here and and Rocco or Zeb or someone as the keeper of the decision should boil it down to two or three distros and just vote on one of those. This way the conversation would be a lot more focused and you can plug the Discourse as a place for topical discussion.

Just a thought.


I agree with Nate, I think we should have a section that we promote to offer distros or even a poll as Dan suggested but then we narrow it down to two or three that we talk about on the episode but it would be focused and designed to talk about the reasons that we should test those two or three distros


That sounds like a solution to me!