Thinkpad firmware update+Arch+LUKS

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well. I have 2 thinkpads (T480 and x395) and see similar outcomes on both when I try to update firmware using fwupdmgr update ( get-update shows updates are available). The laptop reboots and it recognizes that there is are firmware update files, waits for a few seconds but does not get to the step of actually updating the system firmware. Instead, it reverts to asking for my passphrase to decrypt by drive (normal behaviour to boot into arAh/EndeavourOS). I have the encrypted the full disk with LUKS with /boot/efi as a unencrypted partition, root is LUKS encrypted. Could having the root as encrypted be the culprit?

Any suggestions, comments or thoughts is appreciated.


I have no experience with ThinkPads so I searched around a bit and see that there have been some issues in the past with this model. I’ll defer to others who have more experience to see what they have to say but here’s an issue report that seems to match your problem.

Thanks Eric. Yes, I have an eye on the fwupd issue. It may be pure coincidence…i have used fwupd in the past but it was before the drive was encrypted (~6 months ago). As a process of elimination, I may have to wipe/install ubuntu without any encryption and try fwupd again.


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I wish I could help you brotha but that’s not something I have experience with.

No worries Rocco.

An update: I installed the trusted Ubuntu on a small partition on both thinkpads…fwupd works and the thinkpads now have latest firmware. This leads me to believe that luks encryption has nothing to do with the previous failures in firmware.
The versions of fwupd that failed on arch/endeavour os 1.3.5 and 1.3.6. Could not downgrade further back in versions due to too many dependency changes
The version in ubuntu 19.10 that worked is 1.2.1


Glad you got it resolved. It’s good info to have about those versions.