Things Like the "Help Desk" should have a "How to Ask for Help" type thing?

I don’t mean a big fat page with 50 rules but more like the simple stuff. What to include in the topic for example (like distro etc).

Great idea. I’m sure we can come up with something as a group, either as we go or if anyone want to suggest a list. Something like:

  • Distro Name
  • Distro Version
  • Basic hardware info
  • Description of the problem
  • Output of any commands like lsmod, etc.

Another suggestion with the help desk section.
Split into sub categories like Software and Hardware and then have the Software and Hardware sections renamed to General Hardware/Software Discussion?

Also shorten the category explanation txt so it only says what it is about so it’s faster to get the idea when viewing the index? If the category is named general discussion or something, then half of the explanation is already there I guess.

Gaming category?