Telegram - Why does it want my phone number?

OK, I’m getting paranoid maybe, but I was going to try the browser option for Telegram, I’m OK telling it I live in the UK (there are ~70 million of us) but why does it want my phone number? I get way too many cold calls, scam callers and calls with no one at the other end to be comfortable giving out my number to anyone without a reason? What do they need it for?

They use it cause they say it’s safer than username/password as you would have to intercept the SMS so be able to log in from somewhere else.

I’ll see if I can dig up the pages they have on that later cause I can’t find it in their FAQ. They have another site where all this is talked about.

Other ppl won’t see it if that is what you are afraid of, but yeah you’ll still be in a database that may be hacked, leaked or what not some day. That’s the reason I don’t want my info on there and/or associate a username with a phone number if leaked.
I also don’t see any reason to trust them since they’re supposedly funded by some nice guy I have no idea who is (could be a state thing for all I know) and that makes me think they’ll never tell the users if something happens one day.

I guess so many are OK with it for the same reason they use FB and what not; convenience over quality/privacy/whatever.

There is this from the Telegram Store Why you need and phone number in Telegram

Nice. That was what I was looking for.

OK, so giving them my landline (and broadband) number wouldn’t do any good anyway, I can’t get SMS via landline

I have read articles where people use a virtual number provided by a service like Google Voice or one of the many alternatives. It doesn’t have to be your personal number, just one where you can receive SMS to get the verification code when logging in.

It all sounds like too much effort, so I’ll give everyone a break from me annoying everyone with my insanity on yet another platform

We all have our comfort level and how much we trade to use something. My phone number is public record so giving it to Telegram isn’t an issue. I likely wouldn’t give them any real personal info though. Honestly, beyond the immediacy of asking a question and getting an answer, you probably aren’t missing much. There is a lot of lighthearted fun banter but it’s a lot to keep up with. I am part of a dozen or so groups and the volume is just too high to read it all. I lump Twitter into this category as well. Sometimes it feels like a job to keep up with it all. Most days I just close it and only respond to direct mentions.

My landline (sadly) is also in whatever passes for a phonebook these days, I’ve had it since I bought my flat in 1983. My mobile isn’t. My mobile is meant to be for family & close friends and for my use in emergencies. I deliberately didn’t list it publicly, and I still get unk calls (do they dial random blocks of numbers?).

That’s right, they do call blocks. At least they do here in Norway. We see it at work cause we have several number series that we use.
There’s also a big difference between the ones that have the number listed and those who don’t, even though it’s supposed to not be automatically searchable.
I’d like a system with an infinite number of numbers available so they didn’t get reused. If you take over a number used by a business you can expect a lot of crap and it’s pretty normal to have a work/private phone combo here.
Landlines are primarily for grandmas and grandpas :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m old enough to be a grandpa (but as far as I know I never got as far as ‘pa’)

We don’t have a landline but do have an IP phone using an ObiTalk and Anveo. My wife uses it for her business and it costs like $25 a year.