Taking Fedora 31 for a Spin

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Fedora’s official release, called Fedora Workstation comes with a very stock GNOME desktop. But did you know that there are a number of different desktop options available as part of Fedora Spins? The Fedora website doesn’t do a great job of calling attention to this, essentially burying the link near the bottom of the page.…


Thanks for the good write-up Eric.

One of the really nice things about Fedora is the NetInstall which can be confusing since it’s also the Server install image.

You can grab the NetInstall and go through any of the DE’s you want to take for a spin from the comfort of a single ISO image.

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Installed Fedora 31 Workstation today on an Alienware M15x laptop.
Used the default ISO, and now working through this “what to do next” list:

BTW, 575 updates, and they are not deltas!!!
PS, Fedy is fantastic.


I really had a problem with Fedora 31. My Thinkpad is around 5 years old which might be part of the problem. The restarts took about twice as long as the Ubuntu I replaced, and the Ubuntu is not as fast as my Manjaro Gnome install on an 8 year Acer Aspire notebook.

I guess the biggest thing I didn’t like is that the updates reminded me of Windows, making you reboot, then you get the updates with the percentage completed showing and then it reboots again. As @MintSpider said, 575 updates so on my computer this was around 5 minutes and then a restart. Couple this with another update popping up shortly after the fresh boot update with another reboot for the install, and then another automatic reboot made me call it quits. I understand rebooting after updates but it just took too long on my laptop. I did use the graphical updater and not the CLI like I normally use so these results might have been different had I chose to do them in terminal.

On the upside of my short Fedora try wat that the Gnome Shell Extensions worked out of the box.

I will probably try Fedora again during the holiday but it will be in a virtual box.