Suggestion: Why not checkout a old WM that doesnt get any attention anymore?

I would love to see what people thought about Enlightenment also known as E. It would make an interesting video and personally it gets almost no attention anymore and was the first WM that I used when I was 19 in 1998.

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We did it as a Distro Challenge on 20th July this year when we checked out Bodhi Linux - I know it’s a fork but close enough

Check out the YouTube show for that date

Regards Zeb…

Thanks Zeb

Hi, Derek. GREAT suggestion. Even though BDLL did englightenment, via bodhi, the concept endures. There are a lot of older or obscure window managers (not just tiling ones) that might be fun to do. I have a stake in that game. My daily driver runs WindowMaker. When I was just learning computers, and pining to escape the Mac and Windows oligopoly, I’d stare for hours (well, sort of) at screen shots of different linux desdtops. And I fell in love with the afterstep/windowmaker/gnustep/openstep stuff all based on nextstep.
Even though, admittedly, WindowMaker can’t do what most more robust DTE’s can do, I run it, just because it’s so “purty”. And hey, it’s also fun to send windows friends screenshots and watch their eyes bug out with “your computer looks like THAT? Cool!”.

We’d have to watch out for stuff that’s obsolete, but I think it would be fun to see people commenting on WindowMaker, one of the varieties of FVWM, icewm, that sort of thing. I would draw the line at OLVM.

You gotta be old like me to remember that one. On a side note, I kinda wish, just for nostalgia sake, someone would update or respin the old CDE environment. Um, I think I was just redundant with “environment” there, which is embarrassing from “The Master of the True Dictionary”, which is a nickname a reporter friend gave me once.

Thanks for the arcane and recondite window manager idea, man.

Yeah I’m 40 :slight_smile:

I’m well old enough to be your pop. I’m 66, for the record. Every time I hear someone in linux or streaming videos refer to seniors as technophobes, I think of myself, and guys like Richard Feynman, and laugh–then I think, yeah, well, but wait, mostly they’re right, well alas!

I haven’t tried Elive… I was amazed considering the hardware I had it on… but the novelty wore offf pretty quick.

I tried Bodhi when it was the challenge, fair enough, not bad, usable, but not one I was tempted to keep.

yeah it is pretty dated looking

Sorry, mis-type - I HAVE tried Elive a few years back… blah blah blah

Horses for courses, and I’m probably the wrong horse

OMG - no, I had enough of that when I was working on Sun workstation, that an TWM and other pre-historic “stuff”. I think they were also what I used when I was using Cygwin on Windows NT/2000 desktops to get an X environment to log into the Sun servers we were targeting our software at (very much against company IT policy rules, but no one ever said anything.

Okay, I stand corrected, ha ha. I had thought that CDE was a more modern DE than you seem to be saying it was. To see you link it to TWM puts me right off of it, for sure. It’s been years since I saw those photos of it in that book, so I was beclouded by nostalgia, I guess.