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Hi, guys. I wanted to make a suggestion on our discourse site, that did not have to do with what distro challenge to use, so I searched for a topic of general suggestions. I didn’t find one (but I’m new-ish here), so how about we start a general suggestion box for things unrelated to the choice of distros, but just for the site, or BDLL in general?

My suggestion was going to be–and is, of course–how about we get someone here to turn the tables and interview Rocco for the Spotlight segments? I think it would be great fun for us to hear him as the subject of a Spotlight show. Any volunteers to host it? Rocco, will you agree to do that? I gotta go wreck my system again now, see you all.

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I can see that, now who to be the interviewer? Zeb? Michael? Ryan?.. hmmm… Barbara’s cat!

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someone from England

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I vote for Zeb

Bring Rob back to do it.


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Oh, so you want English Bob to do the interview? :smiley:


either that or Sudo Reboot. It would be amazing, no wait it would be fantastic!

Hmmm, How about EB AND Sudo Reboot together…

Perhaps no, Sudo would waffle on too much and neither EB or Rocco would get a word in

you got a point there, EB it is! :smiley:
Sudo Reboot would be fun but the others wouldn’t get any time in LOL

Hey, everyone, I enjoyed yesterday’s BDLL a lot. I told Rocco long ago I feell like a tape recording, because I say that to him every week. But it’s true, Rocco and friends have created a remarkable virtual global LUG in BDLL, and I cannot heap enough praise on it. Then again, neither can I heap enough teasing on single-pixel single-click multiple-breakage Rocco, lol. My post here today deals with BDLL.

Not wishing to bore us all (I DO include myself), I shan’t belabour the details here, but I do not participate in the BDLL broadcasts because of several health issues which make that less than convenient. It’s not as dramatic or mysterious as that may sound, it’s just boring, ennit?

So I met Rocco when I dropped him an email (yeah, yeah, I hear all y’all out there, be careful dropping my emails, cuz their so huge, hardee har har), and he encouraged me to show up here (so blame him!). I really am grooving on this discourse scene, as we used to say in the old days. But there is one aspect missing. I can interact with you folk here, but there isn’t any after the fact topic I can find on the broadcast. So does anyone here think (remember, this IS my suggestion box topic) that would make a good separate topic, something like “Monday night quarterbacking the BDLL show”?

It’s not merely that I can’t appear on the show, we have (thankfully, delightfully) many more members of our community than can be present every week, so they could comment on the show here, too.

I’m going to start another topic for some of my random linux and other comments which don’t fit in any current categories, so I’ll put some of my reactions to this week’s show in THAT, momentarily. But for the future, let’s hear from anyone who likes the idea I proposed.

Any glutton for punishment who hasn’t read enough of my words yet scoot on over (well, gimme a few minutes, I haven’t created it yet!) to “Steve’s Soapbox”, and you can sample my new topic momentarily.

That way, you’ll know to avoid it in future. See how helpful I can be?


I like that idea, as a Brit attendance at the Saturday night (Sunday Morning for me) shows will be erratic so being able to have a forum where those who were not able to attend the live event after Watching/listening to the show could add their 4 pennyworth to the discussion over the next few days, and as the distro challenge is now over 2 weeks Rocco could possibly pick a small selection of comments to add to the second weeks discussion. :grinning:

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Tony, nice to “meet” you, finally. What I love about brainstorming is how one can toss out a good idea, and have it immediately improved upon by others. I LOVE your idea of Rocco perhaps cherry picking some of the after-comments we do here in the first week of a two-week challenge for discussion on week two’s broadcast. Good teamwork, my friend! I’ll spend the rest the evening trying to convert 4 pennyworth to both American and Candian currencies. Believe it or not, I’ve been a citizen of both nations, but not at the same time (long long long boring story. Wait, did someone say all of Steve’s are that?).

Thanks for making my suggestion even better, Tony.

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I think you would probably sat your “2 cents worth”…:rofl:

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Quite right. I was kind of referencing a semi-private joke from an eighties pal, where we’d always adjust that phrase to (at the time), my three cents Canadian, just to confuse the Yanks. (I was a Yank, but am a Canuck now, but I live in America, and…no, it’s just too silly).

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