Stream Disussion - September 7, 2019

Thanks again to @Schyken for putting this together.

Heyo folk, folks, and folkses? Tonight’s stream was the first regathering of the group since we embarked on our distro challenge of Endless OS! It seems a mixed bag, but I encourage you to watch it back yourself here!

If you’d like an audio-only version of tonight’s stream, it will soon be available at

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This week’s challenge is a continuance of our Endless OS adventure! According to their website, Endless is “…simple and easy for anyone to use.” “It is fully equipped wwith the essential apps to work, learn, play, and connect.” It comes in two versions, a “Basic” ISO of 2.03GB or a “Full” version which is 16.11GB for the English download!

Endless OS Homepage

Endless OS Basic Torrent Download

Endless OS Full (English) Torrent Download

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If you’d like to engage with the community, Endless OS has various channels of contact!

Endless OS Telegram

Endless OS Forums

Endless OS Whatsapp

Endless OS Facebook

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There are also other ways to get involved with the Endless OS project! Here’s a thread on their forum for more information!