SolydXK - Anyone use it?

Now here’s a distro I’ve looked at a couple of times and I was wondering if anyone had ever settled on using it.

I will say the horrendous Orange / Brown colour scheme makes me screw up my eyes, the dark Brown / Orange “dark theme” option a little less so. Once my retinas have adjusted to the colours (I did change the theme the time I installed it, just now I was just checking out the new Live USB version) it seems to work nicely and is what it claims to be a close to Debian Buster distro.

They say about a 2 year release cycle and a 5 year support cycle and that they focus on stability. That’s good for those that are like those folks who hate changing what works for them (think Windows XP and Win7 users).

I quite enjoyed using it when I had it on the metal (about 6 - 9 months ago) and this version seems very similar from my quick play, with the expected updates, upgrade, improvements and bug fixes you’d expect as they move from Debian Stretch to Buster as their base.

Me personally, I quite like it and think I could work with it and live with it once I got rid of all that Orange theme (a personal preference I know, you may like orange). I cant think why I would choose it if I could get Debian itself (Debian 10 was an easy install now, unlike some Debians of the past), and I certainly wouldn’t pick it over my distro of choice, MX Linux.

So, does anyone use it? What does it offer that I may have missed in my brief look? It can’t be the software store thing, which looks like an unsorted mess.

I have used it in the past (for about two years) and supported it for a while with donations. The Community versions are definitely better to run than the standard ISO’s. They use newer software.

It’s really a matter of choice and this gives you a good choice for Debian. Themes are always subjective but thankfully can easily be changed.

Ahh, I see there is a community edition that follows the Debian Testing (Bullseye) branch, now that is something I will have a go at and compare to Sparky Linux 6 semi-rolling version.

I also see that they have a 32-bit version, which is good as while most of the developed world has move on to 64-bit, there is still a lot of 32-bit out there that is capable of doing good, if limited, work. I’m always happy to see 32-bit supported.

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I also forgot to mention the Forums is a very friendly place too. For me that is just as important as the OS

A PS. - I meant to say I tried the Xfce Solyd X version, not the KDE Solyd K version. I’m an Xfce fan and I fumble with KDE… I can get by but don’t enjoy it

Good to know, I agree a forum that is friendly and approachable is a major asset for a distro

OK, it’s now installed SolydXK Xfce on hardware (bye bye that install of EndeavourOS - you were the least required on this machine, live on on 2 others).

It’s early days, the install was easy enough, configuring to my “default” look and layout was a Breeze. I opted for the dark option and got myself a new wallpaper (I did get an orange one, but a nice orange). All my default packages were installed by my default script… we’re all set up and ready to rumble. Let’s see how I get on over a few day… there’s always my MX to fall back to.

I’m looking forward to the SolydXK Enthusiast’s Editions which they say will be based on the current Debian Testing branch (Bullseye). I’ll be checking that out side by side with the SparkyLinux 6 semi-rolling version.

Of course, the Orange theming is explained when I read that SolidXK is based in the Netherlands - the land of Orange… I’m still not a fan of their default wallpaper

I do not have experience with this distro. I just read a bit on the website and found e.g. this:
“The EEs are a community effort which means that there is no particular time frame in which the ISOs must be released. In other words: they are done when they are done.”

And (forum post Sep. 27th 2019 - under News/Announcements):
For the past six years I have been the sole programmer on the SolydXK project. I faithfully uploaded all sources to Github since then but for nobody’s benefit. I have removed the SolydXK account to minimize my development efforts. The sources are still available in our repository."

I have no idea how active this distribution will be maintained in the future.

Thanks for that, a shame if another distro dies, I was liking the looks of it. It just goes to show the dangers of “one man band” distros I suppose.

I still have MX Linux (#1 with me) and Debian itself (usually updated to the Testing Bullseye branch) and SparkyLinux 6 (also Bullseye based) so I’m not short of Debian based distros.