Solus 4.1 Fortitude - Feb 1st & 8th

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The next distro challenge is Solus 4.1 Fortitude. Solus is an independent distro (not based on another distro) focused exclusively on personal computers. There is a heavy focus on performance so the speed of booting and using the system in general is noticeable. They have a custom installer and package manager and numerous other custom tools for managing your computer.

From the release announcement:

Release Details

Default Applications

All our editions feature:

  • Firefox 72.0.2
  • LibreOffice
  • Thunderbird 68.4.1

For audio and video multimedia playback, we offer software out-of-the-box that caters specifically to our desired experience for that edition.

  • Budgie, GNOME, and MATE editions all ship with Rhythmbox for audio playback, with the latest release of the Alternate Toolbar extension to provide a more modern user experience.
  • Budgie and GNOME ship with GNOME MPV for video playback.
  • MATE ships with VLC for video playback.
  • Plasma ships with Elisa for audio playback and SMPlayer for video playback.

Hardware and Kernel Enablement

This release of Solus ships with Linux kernel 5.4.12, enabling us to provide support for a wide range of new hardware from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, such as:

  • Newer AMD Radeon RX graphics cards, such as the 5700 and 5700XT.
  • Newer AMD Ryzen 3rd generation processors, such as the 3600 and 3900X.
  • Newer Intel Comet Lake and Ice Lake CPUs.
  • Newer NVIDIA GPUs such as RTX 2080Ti.

Mesa has been upgraded to the latest release, 19.3.2. Mesa 19.3 introduces OpenGL 4.6 support (for supported cards) and enables the new experimental ACO shader compiler, in addition to a wide variety of improvements for AMD APUs (Raven Ridge) and Intel Iris Pro Graphics.

Zstandard, Meet Solus

Solus 4.1 is the first ISO release to feature the use of Zstandard(zstd) compression for the SquashFS images. Compared to the XZ compressed ISOs from previous releases, the ztsd compressed size is a little bit larger. But as a result, the decompression times are significantly improved (3-4x), leading to a much faster installation process than ever previously achieved. In most cases, you can expect to spend more time filling out the questions in the installation wizard than it will actually take to copy everything to disk. We hope you are just as surprised as we were at just how fast this process has become.

Multimedia Upgrades

This release ships with ffmpeg 4.2.2, the latest in the 4.2 series. This release has enabled us to deliver faster AV1 decoding by making dav1d the preferred ffmpeg AV1 decoder.

Solus ships with the latest release of gstreamer, 1.16.2. This release features numerous bug fixes such as:

  • CineForm video support in AVI
  • VAAPI H265 decoder fixes
  • VP9 decoding fixes
  • Various MPEG-TS and RTSP fixes

Other libraries have seen minor updates as well, such as:

  • libogg has been updated to 1.3.4 and features faster slice-by-8 CRC32 implementation.
  • libpng now has SSE3 optimizations to increase decode performance, as much as 41% depending on image size and type.
  • libvdpau features VP9 decode support, HEVC 444 support, and new frame and field mode chroma types.
  • libwebp features lossless encode / decode performance improvements.
  • x265 features encoder enhancements for improving the quality of frames following dark scenes in ABR mode.

Upgraded systemd

Solus 4.1 ships with the latest release of systemd, v244. systemd v244 introduces a bunch of desired features by our users as well as paves the way for future improvements to Solus around EFI support.

  • Cloudflare DNS is now used as a fallback secondary to Google
  • Improved security on 64-bit systems to reduce PID collisions
  • Newer features in systemd-resolved for DNS-over-TLS

We have also taken care to ensure that software which currently only supports cgroups v1, such as Docker and podman (when leveraging runc, as opposed to crun) continue to work. So if you utilize Docker or podman in your development workflow, you’ll feel right at home under Solus with no additional effort around kernel command-line flags required!

Other Improvements

ESync Support

Gaming under Solus just got even simpler! Solus 4.1 now ships with raised file limits to enable ESync support, raising the file limits in our PAM package to Lutris’ suggested value, so you can spend less time configuring your system and more time playing games!

Improved AOT Compiler for AppArmor Profiles

Solus develops an ahead-of-timer compiler for AppArmor profiles called aa-lsm-hook, which we utilize to compile AppArmor profiles leveraged by software such as snapd and improve boot performance by loading from our generated cache. During this release cycle, aa-lsm-hook was completely rewritten in Go for simplicity and long-term maintenance, as well as enabling us to support newer versions of AppArmor which have changed cache directory locations. A benefit of this new support is the end user should no longer encounter issues where some of their snaps fail to launch after a reboot!

Updated NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant

Solus ships with NetworkManager 1.22.4. Since the release of Solus 4 and its shipped NetworkManager 1.10.10, new features and fixes such as the following have been added:

  • Added an ‘802-1x.optional’ property to consider the wired 802.1X authentication as optional.
  • Don’t disable PMF on Wi-Fi connections using SAE.
  • Handle ReachableTime and RetransTimer from IPv6 Router Advertisements.
  • Use the Network Cost Wi-Fi information element to determine metered device state.
  • tui: support WPA3-Personal (SAE).

wpa_supplicant has been updated to 2.9, which enables support for WPA3-SAE and OWE. WPA3-SAE is set to supersede WPA2-PSK eventually with wifi access points now starting to provide a WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode. OWE (Opportunistic Wireless Encryption) uses SAE (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals) to encrypt open wifi networks where possible.

Solus offers four choices of desktops, their own Budgie, GNOME, Plasma and MATE. Feel free to try any or all of them over the next few weeks (or none if you don’t have the time or interest…you’re still welcome to join the show).

Download Solus

Solus Help Center

Solus Forum

Thank you to the Solus team for the new release. We look forward to testing it out over the next two weeks!


I’ll get right on that!!!

You should definitely branch out and give the Solus Budgie version a try. You never know, you might like it. :wink:

Have Plasma installed for the 1st, and looking at Gnome or Mate for the 8th.

TouchPad tip for Solus Plasma:
Noticed that the SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad on my Alienware M15x was being sporadic in working for tap-to-click.
Checked the settings and discovered that “Disable while typing” was turned on. I disabled the setting, and all seems to be working perfectly now.
Due to desk-space I choose not to use a mouse on this testing laptop.

:arch_linux: Lets try Plasma and Budgie :arch_linux:

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I guess I’ll throw this up here because some might have the same issue that I have on the current kernel, it spits out a couple udev errors, it appears or does break the udisks package but reinstalling, and/or running usysconf run - f doesn’t fix it, at first I thought because the system runs, reboots, everything fine that it was a false error but eventually it locks my system up, at least on my Intel nuc. My first assumption was the systemd update was the cause but it’s the kernel because reverting to the LTS does not have the same issue. So if anyone does have this issue, the solution is to install linux-lts, and reboot (may have to tap space bar so you can select the LTS kernel at boot), then it’s silky smooth as usual.

Also for anyone trying budgie who also wants to try the elementary menu, find the guide here My new happy place?

P.S. the installer speed isn’t a lie lol, it’s seriously ridiculous

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Noticing some comments about Solus and flatpak in Telegram.
flatpak is indeed installed but not part of the software center, therefore terminal has to be used.

To add the Flathub repository:
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Example of program install:
flatpak install flathub net.sourceforge.ExtremeTuxRacer

The link should then be in your menu.
My experience is that a reboot is not always necessary, but it would not hurt if needed.

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Here’s a link for Nvidia Optimus stuffs


@Schykle, I enjoyed your YouTube video covering the Solus 4.1 Plasma.

Solus 4.1 Plasma Release

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I invited the devs on their irc channel to join us, this Saturday night not work but who knows what next week holds
FYI so far so good. Thoroughly enjoying budgie

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Feeling honoured!!
This is from the official Solus forum.

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I didn’t have to do this - I have been running Solus Mate VM along side Linux Mint Mate VM - it boots twice as fast, and looks great.

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