Site rules

Should we make a pinned post that gets shown to all new users and is available on the forum of the rules of the forum?
Not that I want it to be a billion rules but just main stuff like
Family friendly posts
Be nice or be somewhere else type stuff
I think this would avoid some confusion down the road if there is a problem

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Hamburg menu top right, faq:

I think that is some sort of generic rules etc that comes with Discourse, but I’m sure your able to edit it for your own site, then put a link in the header! ?

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Yes a good idea, as it would make it clear to all what is acceptable and what is not.

Discourse is a little odd the way it handles pinned topics. It pins them for all users until they read the post and then it unpins. This can be overridden so that it’s pinned globally forever if you don’t like the way that work. Another option is to show it as a banner at the top of the page that can be dismissed. Other than that, as Tony mentioned, there are links that we can point out. Open to whatever ideas folks have.

I’m ok with it even if gets dismissed as long as it is there and everybody has to read the thread or reads the message. As long as they are informed about it somehow. That way they can’t say they were not told about it