Show Discussion - September 21, 2019

Thanks @Schyken

It’s been another fantastic stream on BDLL! We had a lovely chat about the MX Linux 19 Beta! We also talked about how and why companies might be rushing things into production before they’re ready. And, we talked about which side of the car your wheel should be on! You should definitely watch the stream if you’ve not seen it already! Check it out here!

There will be an audio-only version of tonight’s stream which will in time be available here!

— — — — —

We continue onto our second week of the MX Linux 19 Beta challenge! “MX Linux is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.”

MX-19 Beta 2.1 Download

MX-19 Beta 2.1 Newspage

MX Linux Homepage

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There’s many ways to hop in with the MX Linux community and developers! Check out the forums, wiki, and bugtracker!

MX Linux Bugtracker

MX Linux Forum

MX Linux User Manuals


I am so glad I decided to create a zoom account and place a profile picture on there. Since my desktop doesn’t have a webcam and its low on the priorities for the rest of this year I will be doing this until I can get one :slight_smile: I am thinking of getting this webcam what do you guys think?