Show Discussion - August 31, 2019

Heyo! This week’s BDLL went pretty well! We wrapped up our Regolith chat and also enjoyed an awesome topic from our own @argrubbs about putting a new-to-linux user on the front lines with Ubuntu! (Seriously, it was great, go check it out!) You can watch that back here!

If you’d like an audio-only version of tonight’s stream, it will soon be available at

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This week’s challenge is Endless OS! According to their website, Endless is “…simple and easy for anyone to use.” “It is fully equipped wwith the essential apps to work, learn, play, and connect.” It comes in two versions, a “Basic” ISO of 2.03GB or a “Full” version which is 16.11GB for the English download!

Endless OS Homepage

Endless OS Basic Torrent Download

Endless OS Full (English) Torrent Download

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If you’d like to engage with the community, Endless OS has various channels of contact!

Endless OS Telegram

Endless OS Forums

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Endless OS Facebook

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There are also other ways to get involved with the Endless OS project! Here’s a thread on their forum for more information!

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Last but not least, thanks to @ericadams and @kc2bez for helping host tonight’s stream, and I hope you feel better soon @zebedeeboss!


I really enjoyed Adam’s story about introducing his roommate to Linux. I think all of us could learn something from how his “tech aware” roommate looked at Linux, and also just how hard it will be to win the hearts of the masses when you consider how they want to use their computers.

Often as Linux enthusiasts we are willing to sacrifice certain uses for our Linux machines. For example, I know that I can’t enjoy watching Xfinity on demand because their web app will not support Linux (even though it works on Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Windows). If I could only own one computer, that might be a deal breaker for me, since I watch most of my TV on demand and I already have to pay for Xfinity in order to have my Comcast cable internet connection. Of course, as Linux enthusiasts we know how much we would miss from the Linux ecosystem if we had to use Windows 10 or Mac OS as our only options. I would miss the different DE and WM options. I would miss being engaged in the community that surrounds Linux. I would miss the package management systems. I would miss the incredible CLI based programs on Linux. You probably have some different aspects that you would miss if you weren’t running Linux.

One final truth, it seems that most Linux users have multiple machines, and are not running Linux exclusively. They either have a Windows box or Windows in a VM like I do to watch their Xfinity on demand or play games or run that one program they need for work etc. Then we have our Linux boxes that we use for recreation. So are we really making the kind of compromises that the masses would make who might only have one computer in their home, like my parents or the college student who is not a CS nerd or the Millennial who believes in Minimalism.

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I’ve seen or heard references to @argrubbs story at least 5 times this week so far. It really seemed to resonate with people. Great topic for sure, one that I think we’ll keep coming back to. The discussion I’ve seen is on both sides of the argument. Many think Linux should be easier for new users and others aren’t really interested in seeing desktop Linux grow. I’m not in the “convert the world” camp but do hope that people who want to try Linux are able to find resource to help them get the best experience.

This is an excellent point and something I have struggled with over the years. There’s always that one thing (at least) that isn’t possible or easily done in Linux. It used to be a really big issues that fortunately has gotten significantly easier with time. Between web-based applications and improvements in Wine and so on my need to use Windows has basically disappeared. I had one last machine running Windows that I recently converted to Linux. So far, I haven’t run into anything that required Windows but as you mentioned, if I did I’d just use a VM.