Sharpening Your Tools

Check out what I have been up to lately in Linux when I haven’t been writing articles for

Besides spending a lot more time in vim again, which I love, I discovered some new tricks in Krita when I created the header graphic for this article. I probably need to write an article updating everyone on the new workstation I put together too. I’m spending a lot more time at my standing desk as a result.


I use Nano to write in the terminal but you are saying VIM and those tools are very cool. Very cool.

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Years ago I started using vim for all my writing, then I got away from it when I went back to Windows world for a while and got away from running Linux as my free time hobby. When I came back to Linux, I dabbled with it, found Featherpad when I started using MX, enjoyed that, but now have come back to vim in the last month again, and with these new tools, I’m enjoying keeping my hands on the keyboard as I write and distribute what I have written. Thanks for the feedback on the article.

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