Runtu - A mystery

Hello everyone, as I mentioned in my last word, Runtu is a “distribution” (claiming it is official)

But Ubuntu Remix codenames violate this-Runtu is not an official remix, or flavor, which is kind of a problem because it is ensuring itself it is an offical Ubuntu distribution. (in other words, *buntu names aren’t allowed).

Also scarier, I just found out they have done releases since Ubuntu 10.04. I will try to pend an investigation to the Canonical Board.

Bye guys, Swirlz going to bed cuz hes lazy

What’s the distro about?

It’s listed here:

I’m no ubuntu expert but there is a clear distinction between remix, flavor etc. so I dunno if this is ok or not. I’m pretty sure the naming is only becoming an issue if it is supposed to be a real flavor of Ubuntu.

I also don’t know where it says it is official, like it can be interpreted as a Ubuntu flavor(?).

The site have been up for (5?) years so I would think we would have heard about this before if it really was a big problem.

The mystery has been solved by Alan.

The name rule applies IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT A REMIX TO BECOME AN OFFICIAL FLAVOR. This is just a DERIVATIVE of Ubuntu. The rule doesn’t apply, which means it is basically like Mint or Elementary.

I find it interesting that “Remix” has supposedly been around since 10.04, and it’s a virtual unknown. What makes it stand out as compared to other variants? Is it really nothing more than a theme designed to work with Ubuntu? Hope that makes sense.

It’s all in Russian, even the grub menu when booting the live ISO. It doesn’t seem to have that much preinstalled stuff. Just gimp, libreoffice, firefox, vlc and a few others. I installed the xfce version.

Easier than having to boot an English version for someone who only speaks Russian I guess.

I cheated by switching to English though :hedgehog:

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Kubuntu was made in like 2005, almost right after the debut of Ubuntu

I would say this might be a good distro challenge if we can figure out to english it. It might have nice themes and looks

When you launch the installer (you can’t miss the icon on the desktop) you can just choose Eng, and all is good.

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Value add? Nothing really ontop of Ubuntu vanilla?

Well there might be extra plugins that make it different.

To be fair, they’re not using *buntu, only *untu. Seems legit to me.