Router Suggestions

Whelp - as the title suggests, I’m looking for a new router!

I currently have a microtik - and while it works, I have no idea how to do anything on it (it’s very non-intuitive, and all the youtube courses i’ve seen on it talk about using windows to get the more advanced features set up)…

What I’m looking for…

8 Gigabit network ports…
WiFi is optional (I have a ubiquiti unifi AP Pro)

I would like to create 4-5 VLANS (Mine/Wife’s network * Kids Network * Guest Network * IOT non-internet)

Just not even sure what info to provide… Just getting an idea of what others use!

I use Mikrotik, and it has been the most relaible router I have ever used. I am not a technical person, so I have to look up everything. I found this guy on YouTube that has some good videos:

Winbox is able to be installed on Linux, for Arch based distros I think it is in the AUR.

Mikrotik is great but definitely NOT intuitive. If you already have a Unifi I would suggest maybe a Unifi router since it can be controlled from the same software/controller. I have my complaints about where Uniquiti is going but you can’t get much simpler to operate than their Unifi products at the moment in my opinion.