Rocket League Linux Support removed

As you may have heard, Rocket League is removing official support for Linux in March in order to support “new technologies”. I was informed/reminded when I found this article that Psyonix was bought by Epic Games. This leads to the ultimate conclusion (albeit a theory/rumor at best) that Rocket League is going to have AntiCheat software on it’s online multiplayer mode, basically making the game hostile to Linux users who plan to run the game in a compatibility layer (e.g. Proton). I also saw a video by a small YouTube creator who deals with Linux Gaming that he plans on asking Valve for a refund as a response to this news.

According to the news the only things that will be playable will be offline gameplay as well as all your DLC. The only reason I got the game was to play with other people online and it looked fun. Since the main reason I got this game is now defunct with this upcoming update, I likewise plan on asking for a refund. For all the good press we users gave when we tour Rocket League as a paragon of Linux Gaming, they repay the favor by abandoning us.

I can post a screenshot of my message and summary of why I want a refund once it gets processed if anyone is interested for users to use as a template for their refunds.

This is why the notion of “support” is meaningless and “no tux no bucks” evangelism needs to die. To be clear I have no problem with people holding the “no tux no bucks” attitude, if that is your personal politics that is fine. I do have a problem when people are shamed for buying games to play through proton as though we are not good linux gaming citizens. Support can get pulled any time, we have seen this time and again with Rust, Forager, Raft, and more. Rocket League is just one more example in a long list so I will not jump on the Epic hate bandwagon in this particular case.

The cold hard reality is that linux is a tiny share of the desktop market, and of that tiny share gamers are an even tinier niche. It was said in 2013 and is remains true today, the best way to make linux a viable gaming platform is to make WINE/DXVK/Proton better. They are getting better all the time and it is really only the middleware (EAC et al) conundrum that prevents it going to the next level.

Stadia also solves this problem by making the OS relevant so we should not be so hostile towards that either.

Just saw this on my feed. There might be some more Rocket League drama on the E-Sports side.