Revenge of the noobs!

Referring to new linux users as noobs or some variation is an insult to the user. Sure, there are bigger issues, but if anyone wonders why Linux sees no broader adaptation on the desktop, this is a solid component. Some of the friendliest communities in this little slice of the world casually hurl this insult in the form of “newbie corners” and such.

Maybe we have lost the perspective regarding how petty this phrase sounds to the non-nerd. After all, it comes from gaming culture and, I confess, I’ve taken great joy while fraggin’ some noobs. You know, in a past life. But when we use the term today, it basically comes off as, “Welcome to my world where I know more than you about this one thing, peasant”.

This attitude of experience Linux users toward new users minimizes the actual context of what many Linux adapters are doing. There are some Linux adapters that are seeking a way to do their daily work inside FOSS in order to save their businesses. Others are trying to expand their computing experience outside the bounds of Redmond or Cupertino. Many - if not most - of these people are heroes, early adapters, and pioneers. They carry the same curios nature that many of us needed to survive through the 80s and 90s. They should be treated with respect.

Don’t get me wrong. I have had many run-ins with the arrogance and tyranny of the actual noob (“I don’t know how to do this, so do it for me, boy”). These are the people that bemoan the toxicity of the Arch forums without realizing they created it. I have to say, it’s a small and vocal subset. I include myself in the group of users that have benefited greatly from the most elite of user forums without complaint. Somebody tells me to RTFM, I RTFM.

People that want everything figured out for them probably already use Apple or WinX, and rightly so. No hard feelings. But people who make there way onto a Linux oriented forum should be treated with respect until they prove otherwise.

So I suggest a new name to the zeitgeist for consideration. New users of Linux heretofore should be referred to as “Pioneers”, or maybe “Adapters”, or hows about “Renegade” or “Refugee”.

Just sayin’.

“Newly enlightened”? :wink:

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probably, this is an opinion and have nothing to do with reality. Maybe not every day, but at least from time to time I see this kind of users on forums, especially on big distributions forums and social media platforms.

Can you tell me your definition of “respect”? Because from what you have written new users are constantly mentally tortured which is nonsense. Sometimes it happens that somebody have “too long day” and acting harsh it’s completely natural. I don’t know, do we need to treat everybody like 8 years kinds?

If someone is new to something, He is … newbie? Terminology is adequate. Besides changing label doesn’t change anything. If someone is new it will be and nothing change it, so people should deal with it instead of trying trick themselves.

From my observation, level of knowledge is irrelevant. Key is logic thinking or “think twice before you start to asking questions”. Forums are not social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and you can write every nonsense your brain is able to create.

Anyway, there is no mandatory that people need to master everything they touch. Personally I don’t understand discussions about “do newbies are important to Linux like software developers etc”. In general, of course. Who will use OS/software, populate forums, channels, talk about Linux? There is no software developers without users and users without software developers. We can debate which group is more important, but for what? Feed ego, give excuse for lack of knowledge? If someone like to stigmata himself and punish for nothing it’s the issue of his psyche, not everyone around.

If someone is new to something, He is … newbie?

Your sense that this is fundamental is exactly my point. There’s a lot of us who don’t realize exactly how marginal this silly language is, and who won’t or can’t understand the rest of my post. No hard feelings. It’s a big world.

Forums are not social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and you can write every nonsense your brain is able to create

If only. People like to be right on the internet. Fix that too while you’re at it. That’d be great.

Ignoring the false dichotomy of noob vs dev, I have to agree that this is an unassailable truth. Crazy times we are living in and all with CoC this and CoC that. I like to think, though, that as a community we can survive a little self reflection. I could be wrong but I’m not.

To be clear. I’m not talking about sparing the feelings of noobs. I’m trying to let you know how shallow we look when we call somebody a noob.

Apologies for the subtlety. :smile:

:rofl: Yeah right, but I have bad news. Globally we are turning into idiocracy. Every year the internet have more and more users, especially young ones which are quickly demoralized by social media, and they bring that behavior everywhere. Don’t know how many teenagers use Linux but there will be more of them, so sooner or later we’ll be in bad position.

Personally I don’t like this word and I don’t use it, like you pointed on beginning it comes from gaming culture and I don’t like this subculture at all. Mainly because it promotes wasting time and glorifying it. On the other side, people like to call themselves noobs, so it’s kinda schizophrenia :grin:

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You are correct, sir. And you and I are going to fix it right now! One newly enlightened Linux user at a time.


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