Request (me being a pain)

Is it possible to link this account (this is just created, so the other one matters more, but whatever is easier) with

That was me logging in via google (which I use in chromium), but I’m not using chromium much these days so I’d like to login via another SSO (used in firefox) … hence this request.

Sorry to be a pain
Hey, I’m a user, what else do you expect :slight_smile:

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For verification (if helpful) - that was me :slight_smile:

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I will have to see if we have that capability @guiverc

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If it can’t be done, not a problem…

  • following doesn’t relate this site
    I don’t know how discourse works… I’m trying to see if I can setup a wiki type area/page currently (a support requests watch list, gaining attention for things I’m not equipped to handle; wiki so others can use too…). I know it can be done (community.ubu use it), but doesn’t mean it’s easy everywhere… esp. given some control still needs to be maintained…

Give me a conf file & vim and I’m happier :slight_smile:

+1 on that.

I think it should be possible and even on the version we are running but I don’t see it in the admin settings. We might need some @EricAdams help when he is feeling up to it.

Discourse handles wiki as posts. Hopefully this helps explain it.

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Thanks @EricAdams :slight_smile:

I’d created the wiki for play as I work on the idea, using I suspect that actual page. :slight_smile: