Regarding the mail discussion on BDLL Europe

One thing that was not mentioned is the middle ground between hosting it yourself and/or using something like gmail or protonmail.

Buy a domain and have all the email addresses you want. A domain name with hosting is cheap (at least imo), but it does ofc depend on your needs. Most of the hosting providers lets you manage your addresses in the control panel without you having to set up a mail server.
Just make sure you get enough storage for mail. Some of them have “unlimited” and some have like a limit per email account etc.

Another benefit is that you can pretty easily transfer your domain to another hosting company if you find something that suits your needs better. Maybe you find one that have one-click installers for a certain web application you want to use or whatever.

Also consider a provider with “domain privacy” so your personal contact info isn’t displayed in whois lookups.

That’s a very good point. Many registrars will offer at least one email address when you host your domain with them and most offer hosted email services if you need more capabilities.