Refurbished Laptops

OK, here’s my list of kit, a motley collection of refurbished laptops

Thinkpad T430 (1 of) : Intel i5-3320, 8GB RAM, 1600x900 14" display, with 2 SSDs (one replacing the optical drive - a 256GB Crucial and a 480/500GB ADATA or Vaskey for play partitions).

Thinkpad X230 (2 of - I like the 1st so much I bought a 2nd) : Intel i5-3320, 8GB RAM, 1366x768 12" display, one has a Crucial 1TB SSD, the other a Sandisk 960GB SSD. One had 4 equal sized partitions, one has 3, both have MX-18 as the default boot options

Dell Latitude E6510 (1 of) : Intel i5-540M, 8GB RAM, 1600x900 15" display, 2 SSDs like the T430 above

HP EliteBook 8470p (2 of - the first had a 1366x768 display and then I found one with a 1600x900 display) : Intel i5-3320, 8GB RAM, 14" display, 2 SSDs as above

HP 15-bw069sa (1 of) : AMD A9-9420 with R5 GPU, 4GB RAM, 15" 1920x1080 display with a 1TB HDD (not this beast tends to run hot and the fan is noisy if you try and do anything like waych YouTube full screen)

Obsolete still kicking around, works but not favoured

Thinkpad T60 : Intel Core-2, 3GB RAM, 14" 1024x768 display, 320GB HDD (and the case is falling apart - it’s had some hard use)

I don’t have any gaming rigs (nVidia or AMD GPUs), I don’t game. I don’t have any desktop or tower machines, laptops I can fold up and stack away.

Edit 1 : One of the X230 laptops lives in the bedroom for when my insomnia kicks in at 1am, I can watch cat videos, bad driving videos, or ASMR videos (or BDLL), the other is in the living room and is handy when a 2nd laptop is needed to look stuff up while I’m trying to get a distro to behave

Love the thinkpads, I have a t430, a t430s and an x260. I sold my x230 to get the x260 and I’m regretting it. Build quality just isn’t the same

I agree, since Lenovo took over the Thinkpad (and Ideapad) names, the newer incarnations just don’t have the same feel, too much plastic and built down to a cost (not price).

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I just bought a T440p, and I already love it. Bought it on Ebay for $120 and it is in immaculate condition, with about $100 of upgrades that the previous owner did (Samsung SSD, 16 GB RAM). I plan on upgrading to a 1080p screen, backlit keyboard, and maybe to an i7 CPU.

I had a Thinkpad Edge E535 that my daughter now uses (Manjaro) and I have a T43 (Manjaro 32bit) that my Dad loved, until 32bit Distros started going away.

I really like a number pad, and like to game, so I will be purchasing a T590 in the future to replace my HP Omen 15T, which just has a dreadful keyboard.

You know, I always though Thinkpads were a meme in the Linux community. Then I bought an x200. Then I got an x201, x220, and x230. They keyboards on the older models are amazing! Thinkpads are all I’ll ever use unless I want to build a gaming rig one day.


May look at a carbon at some point. Got a T430 I think it is, pretty solid machine.

The T430 is a very nice machine, (the X230s are pretty good too). They run nicely and install everything. The 3rd gen i5-3320 performs reasonably provided you aren’t doing anything power hungry.

The X230s are the same basic kit, but smaller package with a 12" 1366x768 screen rather than the 14" 1600x900 screen. I think the X230 would make a great little “Starbucks” machine.

I also have a x230 but last year got hold of some cheap Toshiba z30’s and these are now my favourite light yet reasonably powerful (coffee shop) laptop. I also have a couple of Dell E7440’s with the slightly larger 14" screen. Not as light as the Toshiba but well constructed with good Linux compatibly. The great thing in going refurbished is generally you benefit in someone else taking the depreciation and once 2-3 years old there is generally no issues with Linux support unless it’s a rare WiFi card. Even dedicated graphics are not the issue they once were.

Any plans on trying the Hackintosh on that T440p?

I am not a huge fan of Mac OS so probably not.

I can accept that :slight_smile:

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The reason I had asked was this video @piperbarb turned me on to. Very tempting for me to try and find a T440p to try it on.

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Or just go this route and forget about OSX:

I may do this for my Wife’s PC, she likes Macs.

Not seen either machine listed on the refurb market, and I have about 8 machines of various sorts I probably shouldn’t go looking too hard.

Get her OK… in writing… first, it won’t stop complaints but may be handy in any legal proceedings… :rofl:

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just found these refurbished Toshiba and Dell on eBay :smile:



This is an official Dell refurb, but 3 times the price of eBay

I just want to give a plug for the site. My son just got a Dell Latitude e7240 for $254 including the price of shipping (8gb of RAM, i5 4th Gen processor I think, 250gb SSD). The laptop was in great condition, nice business grade ultrabook, and he often gets the battery to last 6 hours before it needs a charge. The keyboard has a wonderful touch to it. Often the Dell Refurbished site will offer 45% or 50% coupon codes that you can use to cut the prices down to a better price. In fact, I wouldn’t order anything from them unless you can use either one of their coupon codes to knock off 45-50% or it is in clearance. Another trick for Linux geeks, I have seen some sweet machines on the site go really cheap if they don’t have an OS installed. Since we will just be installing our own OS on it anyway, I don’t see that as a knock at all.

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