PowerShell on Linux

Looks like a lot is going on in the world of PowerShell on Linux.

PowerShell Documentation

Installing PowerShell Core on Linux


Using snap:
sudo snap install powershell --classic


Upcoming book Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, Linux and MacOS Edition. On a side note i’ve enjoued other books in the Month of Lunch series

Sounds like we might get everything soon and not just Core.

Lot’s of possibilities. I very much recommend giving the above podcast a listen.


Despite my current employment I actually studied Microsoft server stuff in school years ago and we learned some PowerShell. I thought it was easy to pick up because I was already familiar with object-oriented design and the syntax isn’t so cryptic like BASH or Python.

I really should learn me some of that PowerShell on Linux, though. It’s a pretty darn good scripting language and folks shouldn’t turn their noses at it because it’s from Microsoft. Now, how many cmdlets carry over into Linux is something I’d be curious of.

If any of you ever work in a Microsoft or mixed environment, this would be a good thing to learn. PowerShell is a very competent tool and a good skill to have.

Thanks for the resources, @franksmcb

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