Portable monitor setup

So I got tired of doing everything on a single screen with my laptop. It is a 15.6" 1080p screen but sometimes it’s just too small. You may have seen my video on using Virtscreen but it turns out running a virtual screen and connecting via VNC over WiFi isn’t a great experience. The frame rate isn’t great and I was getting some graphical glitching and artifacts. I was mostly able to work around these issues but at the end of the day, it was less than ideal. I still think it is a good temporary solution and will continue to use if needed. But…

I started looking at small external monitors, specifically USB-C capable (power and video) and after much searching and research I found this on Amazon. The IPS panel supports 2560 x 1600 natively and other 16:10 resolutions. You can set it to be horizontal or vertical layout and adjust brightness, color temperature, aspect ratio and so on. It has all the ports I could ever need and “just works” with USB-C.

I’ve only been using it for about a day so I have no idea of the durability but it is in a CNC frame, nice clicky buttons, comes with all the cords and things you’d ever need, and a reasonable stand (not perfect but no worse that I was expecting). It seems perfect for my needs so all in all, a good purchase.


Typical, even more expensive from the UK Amazon Amazon.co.uk. Looks nice though

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Yes. I do wish it was cheaper but the build quality and the screen itself are of high quality so hopefully it will serve me well for years to come.

I’ve been looking at something like this. Cool to see what you are using.

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Yes shame about the UK price as that would make a great portable Raspberry Pi screen, particularly for the Pi4. I may buy with my birthday/Xmas money later in the year :joy:

This has basically become indispensable. Even though it’s tiny that extra space makes a huge difference.

Eric, I have an older Thinkpad that does not have USB-C. So, I guess I’d need a USB-C power supply or power bank of some sort. My laptop does have Mini DisplayPort and I have a DisplayPort to USC-C adapter. This would work great for my mobile setup as long as I can get it powered correctly. Nice find though!

The advantage of USB-C is power and video output on the same wire which just makes it super clean. It has HDMI support and can be powered by another cable if you don’t have USB-C.