Pop_os i3-gaps alternating layout

just my current working and gaming environment might hop soon but I’m enjoying Pop for now


I’m glad there is someone here showing some i3 love. Wish I had a threadripper though. I had i3 running in Linux Mint and in Peppermint back when I was running them. Am now on Arco cause I’m into arch and like the OOTB experience.

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What version of arco are you running?
I’m gonna switch back to arch sometime next week and I’m currently weighing Manjaro against Arco but i3 is definitely staying on I really love the lightless of twms

I’m using the full fat arco iso. I like having xfce gui tools handy. Overall, the iso is a little bloated, but it’s no problem for me removing the packages I don’t need eg atom, vivaldi, etc
Also Erik Dubois’ theming in arco is tremendous IMO. Plus he’s constantly posting tutorial vids. Gotta love that.
I’m also currently experimenting with Endeavour - seeing if my old scripts for installing and running i3 all work. So far so good.

Yeah, E Dubois’s work is amazing . It’s just the bloat that bothers me a bit I like my systems to be as slim as possible that’s in part why I’m leaving Pop 1.2G of ram at start up is way to much for me. But I might go with the arco architect ISO.

I reckon that is a fine choice. FYI my Arco on boot is ~400Mb ram.

400Mb is a nice starting point. love it