Podcasts - what podcatcher?

What podcatcher (if any) are people using?

I’m using QuiteRSS, it’s what I settled on as the simlest effective one after trying a bunch of them. These days I’ve given up commuting so I don’t need one that runs on my mobile phone (if I can ever find my mobile phone and it has charge anyway) so QuiteRSS running on my laptop is fine.

Using the built in browser tucked away behind the main browser or on another workspace it provides audio podcasts (e.g. Ubuntu Podcast, Bad Voltage or any of the attempts by Joe Ressington to take over the podcast universe) as background sound as I work. For ones with video (e.g. DestinationLinux) I open from QuiteRSS in my main browser so it’s full screen so I can see Michael trying to grow out a Zebedee style beard…

Anyway, I’m happy with it, but I’m always ready try something that may be better or different.

Just asking.

on mobile I use podkciker and on the desktop I use Gpodder which works well for what I use it for, I mainly listen to podcast via my phone so podkicker is my usual go to. I have antenna pod also installed but that’s more to check that other apps are picking up my RSS feed for my podcast.

I used to use Gpodder some time back, did it also have an Android version? I can’t remember what I used to use with my mobile.

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I’ve never been able to find an Android app for Gpodder, that’s why I use Podkicker.

I just use gPodder it works well for desktops.

Hmm,I’ve just looked in the Google Play store and I can’t see one that looks familiar, it’s been 11 years since I retired and stopped needing an Android app. Why do O keep thinking of DogCatcher… oh well, senility marches on

I’ve tried literally a dozen different options on Android and have recently started using and been very happy with AntennaPod. It is open source and very customizable and “just works” for me where so many others were not fun to use. Normally they have poor UIs and anemic features or features hidden behind a paid version.

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At the time I did my search there seemed to be some consensus that Pocket Casts was one of the best options. I bought the paid version and have been very happy with it ever since. Android, Apple, and desktop.

+1 for PocketCasts but I do not have the paid version so that limits my use of it online. Still think it’s the best right now…I’m open to suggestions tho

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I was going to try it but there I read a bunch of negative reviews on Google Play about the new UI. Are you having issues like performing simple actions?

I am not having any issues with PocketCasts as of right now

Neither am I.

On android I use Podkicker, on the desktop I use Vocal.

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I have a nice list to try out some rainy Sunday now, thanks for the suggestions/recommendations

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I’m with @EricAdams. I do almost all of my podcast listening on my phone and I’ve been using AntennaPod for years now. I’m happy with it.

I hesitate to necrobump this thread, but I would like to point out that you can synchronize AntennaPod with gPodder.net

No worries. I’ll jump back in and say Antennapod was alright but ultimately was too busy for me. I also had issues with syncing new shows. Since then, I’ve been using Pocket Casts and have been very happy with it. The app is very clean. Powerful if you want to enable features but mostly stays out of your way and ‘just works’. I really like that the app and web player sync so you can listen on one and pick up in the same place on the other.

Does anyone know of a podcast downloader that saves the files with human readable filenames? I’ve been using Rhythmbox but I get filenames like b764a6f9-2cb7-4835-acba-a55712af75b1.mp3 instead of Linux User Space Episode 01 I blame Joe.mp3